Razzle Dazzle

Hi all,

Today’s blog title comes from the musical Chicago. In one of the many little quizzes they have on Facebook, I received the result that the Broadway musical I should star in is Chicago. I love Bob Fosse’s choreography. I have been cast in Guys and Dolls with Don Bluth Front Row Theatre. I am very glad to be onstage again and I’ll be playing a Hot Box Girl. I’ll be doing a great deal of dancing. The show runs from March 6 through April 12, Thursdays through Saturdays at 7pm. You can purchase tickets at http://donbluthfrontrowtheatre.com/etickets/index.php?cPath=6

I also auditioned for a VO feature film this past Sunday produced by DB Rich Productions and it went really well. I would be excited to be part of the project and it pays.

I have heard from the people at 8 Sided Forum and they have posted my statement of purpose. Here is the link:


I now have to make a series of videos answering interview questions. I’m not well-versed with editing and filming so I have recruited my friend to help me out. It was recommended that I post the videos this week. I have to squeeze that in around rehearsals.

In the meantime, I am also working on my song repertoire and my vocal technique. I have been meaning to call my acting coach to go over my monologues. I have been working on a monologue from the character Jenny in Abstract Expression by Theresa Rebeck. It’s mostly run-on sentences and a bit of babbling. It’s a challenge going for both film and stage. I also have to finish La Famille. I have about 78 pages done so far.


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