Support Your Local Anna 2

Hi all,

I wish I hadn’t waited so long to make another post.  I was going to wish you Happy New Year and I thought it was going to be grand.  I am taking voice lessons once again and attended an excellent workshop last night.  I was even going to make a film this weekend but tragedy struck and my director and leading man had to pull out.  This has been a really bad week and I have found out I need a new place to live in a few months.  I really need some financial help to get back to LA and be able to afford housing in the interim.  There is now a donation page for my GoFundMe campaign.  Simply click the link and the page will come up.  Anything helps and a little adds up to a lot when a large number of people donate.  I have no means of repaying your kindness but thank you so much for your generosity.

I hope to have some better news to report soon.  Sad posts are not good for self-marketing, but I really need support right now.  I have no clue what I can afford right now.

I have an audition tomorrow for The Last Five Years and for Julius Caesar on Monday.  I’m waiting to hear if I got into another show.  I long for the day I can be onstage again.


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