Anna On-Set

Hi all,

The heat is terrible here with 100+ degree temperatures that won’t stop until October. Of course, I’ve been auditioning for productions and at long last I was cast in the film, Anti produced by Flush Films. I filmed my scene yesterday. I played a crazy homeless woman bothering a rude businessman. They made me up to look dirty, emaciated, and desheveled. This is the second role that has required me to look scary. There was no pay this time because they are students making an independent feature. They were really nice and they fed me. We wrapped up at Jimmy Johns and had a fun time chatting like close pals. The guy playing the business man was screamingly funny. He was talking about all the ways we could beat up our fellow drivers when we were in the car to and from the set. I really wanted to make a film about making a film based on that. I don’t usually do anything for free, but I hadn’t gotten cast in a long time and I wanted to act in something really badly. I hope the film does well and gets into a film festival. They plan to finish filming later this year.

Pick Me! officially has an Imdb page. I posted all the information myself and it took a few tries to get the site to accept them. So now, I have an actual Imdb page for myself but I don’t yet have the paid account to post a picture.

I’ve also been having a great time in the Summer of Dance classes at Phoenix Theatre. I had to miss last week because of a long-form migraine. It’s hard to explain, but my head hurt and I was nauseous most of the week. Then I got an official migraine on Friday night. I was on the film set until 3pm and then I went to take three of the dance classes, so I was really tired. However, that is the life I want to lead, with pay of course. I had so much fun yesterday and today, I’m just down because I don’t often have a day composed entirely of doing what I love.Ā  I would love to film in the morning and perform theatre at night.


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