Monsoon Season

Hi all,

Looks like I missed a post for July.  Two weeks ago, my friend, Luca Patruno, and I made our film short, Climbing Stairs.  He organized about everything and even bought lunch.  I had the pleasure of working with Brian Osback as DP and Robert Price as the Head of Sound.  I was so happy how everything came together and the film looks really good.  I never imagined my film on a whim would end up this full-fledged and awesome.  The trailer is now available on YouTube and here is the link: 

I am in steady rehearsals for Once On This Island.  Be prepared to be blown away by a hurricane of talent.  If you are in the area on September 8, the performance will be at 7:30pm.  Tickets are free and available at

I was also just cast in The Murder Mystery Company’s Phoenix troupe, which is the third highest-grossing murder mystery dinner theatre in the country.  It will be an ongoing gig.  Additionally, I have an audition for paid fundraiser performances of Oklahoma set on an actual cattle ranch tomorrow.

I have a significant local audition for the film of a web series that I have long wanted to audition for next weekend.  I will move forward with finding people to join me with producing The Go-Girls.  I connected with director/producer, Jake Katofsky, on Stage 32 for advice about making my feature.  It turns out that special effects, location shooting, and the like will make the budget about $200,000, and this does not include publicity and marketing costs.  I could have it filmed in Phoenix for less cost than LA, but I really want it filmed in LA.  A scene in Third Street Promenade is not feasible for an indie film.

The time for my day job to resume is upon us and I am certain to get some sub assignments this coming week.  Quitting the day job is not happening any time soon.



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