Show Me The Money

Hi all,

Once On This Island had a grand performance on two weeks back.  I was really glad how it all came together and for the magic that happened.  My part was pretty challenging playing an older man who goes through some harrowing experiences.  One number had me going from one side of the stage to another, have three challenging key-change, no support from the orchestra, solos, fall down, and get beaten up.  The show does not stop and hardly anyone gets a break from being onstage, dancing, and singing.  And with that, my accepting of unpaid gigs will finally end.  This was a student production at ASU so that was understandable.  From now on, the talent buyers out there will be paying me.  I came to a realization from knowing many people who have regular jobs and act that acting should pay your bills, not have your bills pay for acting.  I also know a number of people who have made acting mostly pay their bills.

Pick Me! was accepted to the Eastern North Carolina Film Festival.  It’s a new festival that started this year and played Sept. 12-13.  I found out about submitting to it on Stage 32.  Pick Me! did not generate any ticket sales, but I was glad someone out of state actually liked it.  The film company that began the festival is working on distribution agreements for the short films in the festival.

I got behind on networking for the production team of The Go-Girls, but I will get on that.  I am attending a workshop with major producer Marc D. Evans about getting film scripts produced.  It’s through the Phoenix Screenwriters’ group and the founder, Carlo, reached out to me personally to attend.

I am mostly stepping away from theatre right now.  Two of the ones that pay weekly are not near where I live and did not express any interest in casting me, and the Equity ones have once again not even given me a callback.  I can’t keep letting it make me depressed and feel that I’m not good enough.  Theatre takes too much time anyway.  Film, Commercials, and TV will always pay more money on average.  But if Broadway comes calling again to Phoenix, I’m so there.  Maybe film is the best place for me.

I am currently reading The $11 Billion Year by Anne Thompson.  She is a veteran entertainment journalist specializing in film and in the book she recounts the banner year of 2012 in Hollywood and the changing trends of the film industry.  I have surprisingly not done much reading into how Hollywood works; I was so caught up in getting an Equity card.  It’s going to be a SAG-AFTRA card first at the rate things are going.

I have an upcoming audition with the Black Theatre Troupe for a production called Tommy J and Sally.  It sounds absolutely fantastic and I would be love to be a part of it.  But mostly, it’s film from now on.


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