The Fall Quarter

Hi all,

This week is Halloween and I’m thinking about what fun activity I will do.  I know that there will be trick-or-treaters this year and I need to get some candy.  I might dress up as one of the X-Men, a shinigami from Bleach, or my OC Mario Bros. Princess.

I connected with some people for help producing, The Go-Girls, but I don’t have anyone on board yet for actual production staff.  I guess these things take time and you must choose people you can trust who have the same goals you do.  I have had a few people send me web links for articles about union minimums for pay and business plans.  I really need someone who knows what they are doing to join with me, not have me just do it all myself.  I attended a new group only to be told that it may not be possible for me to star in my own script because I’m not a name talent guaranteed to get people to finance the film and buy the DVDs.  If you can’t help me, that’s alright, but don’t shoot down everything I want to accomplish.  I asked how to do what I want, not do you think that’s possible.  Everyone has an opinion and no amount of experience guarantees that someone is right.  People star in their own films all the time to launch a career, and they’re not all A-listers.  Some people were just like me: professional non-union people.  I have to admit I was a bit lazy these past two weeks about my marketing and networking campaign, or is two migraines a week apart a valid excuse?  It’s hard to know who will team up with you.  I really think for The Go-Girls and La Famille, that the younger, non-disillusioned, set is the best bet for team mates.  I just joined the Louisiana Filmmakers Group on LinkedIn.  Some film people have expressed concern that I would accept some erroneous business agreements or come up with some investor business proposal myself, neither of which I would do.  I know my limitations and some part, mainly for The Go-Girls, of the funding will need to be crowdfunded.  I definitely believe having SAG talent around me would be an asset and I have connected with an actor with some legitimate Film/TV credits.  I have already established the demographic for The Go-Girls and understand that it’s not competing with major Hollywood blockbusters.

I received the script for the table reading, but I can’t give you any details as it’s a big project.  Also, I just found out that a SAG-AFTRA web series that is a joint Arizona/California production will be casting and filming locally.  They have already shot several episodes here.  As for agents, there is only one left here I would like to have represent me, but they are not getting in touch with me.  So, I figure that I won’t worry about them, because most of the gigs here are ones that I can submit to myself.  And I also can represent myself better than anyone has been able to in the past.  The last one was the best.  I don’t know when the move back to LA will happen.  My apartment lease is up at the end of next March and the decision will be made by then.

I started on the first TV episode of the La Famille series about the legendary, Felicite.  This may all sound insanely ambitious, unrealistic, and impossible, but then remember that a bunch of people back in the early part of the 20th Century dreamed of an industry in which they could put stories on something called a camera.  It’s now a billion dollar industry spanning theatres, televisions, smart phones, and the internet.  The impossible happens everyday.




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