Turkeys on Parade

Hi all,

I’m squeezing in a November post and Happy Thanksgiving!  There are a great deal of things going on in my schedule.  I was part of the table reading for the upcoming SAG-AFTRA film, Bogie and Bacall.  It was my first table reading and I hope to be part of the film.  I also just found out that I was chosen to be part of the Actors Showcase at the Filmstock Film Festival, which runs December 5 through 7 at the Harkins Valley Art theatre near ASU in Tempe.  The showcase is on December 6 at 7pm.  Audience members get to vote on their favorite actor and the panel of judges is composed of prestigious industry professionals.  You can get tickets at: http://www.filmstockfilmfestival.com/  I’ll give you a hint about my performance piece: I’ll be creating a storm onstage.

I auditioned for a local casting director a few weeks back for whom I hadn’t auditioned in a few years.  I hope to be a regular in their office.

I need to send in the paperwork for the distribution of Pick Me!.  I neglected to have everyone sign release forms when we filmed it and now know that was a mistake.  I have the paperwork on my end ready to go, but am waiting on the forms to be returned.  Climbing Stairs is still in post-production, so you will hear about that as soon as I have the completed film.  I have a possible offer of having that at the Eastern NC Film Festival and a distribution offer.

I auditioned for a small commercial this past week that was a last-minute casting.  I was very glad to be on top of checking my audition sources so I could submit in time.  I will find out soon if I booked it.

I just attended a free workshop at the Actors WorkHouse, headed by industry veteran, Duane Daniels.  I really liked his approach.  One of his acting philosophies is that you have to have a visual for what you are saying or you won’t have a connection to it.  He said a key to memorizing lines is to have images that go along with the words.  Hopefully, I will find some money to take his classes and coaching sessions.  Check out their facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/actorsworkhouse

I also finally got to attend the In The Works event with the Phoenix Screenwriters Assoc. and I got to read the narrator part of a script.  I always enjoy getting to do a staged reading of a work.  I will be submitting part of La Famille for the next event.  Basically, the actors read the script and then the audience gives the writer feedback and asks them questions.

I am working on getting some much more significant bookings.  I miss theatre, but the best way for me to get people to notice me is through film.


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