Monsoon Season

Hi all,

Looks like I missed a post for July.  Two weeks ago, my friend, Luca Patruno, and I made our film short, Climbing Stairs.  He organized about everything and even bought lunch.  I had the pleasure of working with Brian Osback as DP and Robert Price as the Head of Sound.  I was so happy how everything came together and the film looks really good.  I never imagined my film on a whim would end up this full-fledged and awesome.  The trailer is now available on YouTube and here is the link: 

I am in steady rehearsals for Once On This Island.  Be prepared to be blown away by a hurricane of talent.  If you are in the area on September 8, the performance will be at 7:30pm.  Tickets are free and available at

I was also just cast in The Murder Mystery Company’s Phoenix troupe, which is the third highest-grossing murder mystery dinner theatre in the country.  It will be an ongoing gig.  Additionally, I have an audition for paid fundraiser performances of Oklahoma set on an actual cattle ranch tomorrow.

I have a significant local audition for the film of a web series that I have long wanted to audition for next weekend.  I will move forward with finding people to join me with producing The Go-Girls.  I connected with director/producer, Jake Katofsky, on Stage 32 for advice about making my feature.  It turns out that special effects, location shooting, and the like will make the budget about $200,000, and this does not include publicity and marketing costs.  I could have it filmed in Phoenix for less cost than LA, but I really want it filmed in LA.  A scene in Third Street Promenade is not feasible for an indie film.

The time for my day job to resume is upon us and I am certain to get some sub assignments this coming week.  Quitting the day job is not happening any time soon.


Hot Tamales

Hi all,

My summer just got busier. I had a print ad audition on yesterday with the legendary casting director, Gay Gilbert, for whom I auditioned a year and a half ago for a student film. I’m crossing my fingers I book a part. My friend, Luca Patruno, is back here for summer vacation and we are going forward with filming, “Climbing Stairs,” and have a firm shooting schedule. I am very glad we are able to finally film the script. Additionally, I was cast in a student film called, “These Are the Breaks,” as the friend of the female lead. That should film at the end of July, or thereabouts. And there’s more: I was also cast as Tonton Julian in a landmark ASU Senior Thesis of Once On This Island. I always thought it would be cool to be in this excellent musical. What is unique about this production is that the director had audio-only auditions sent by e-mail. He decided to make casting choices on voice and ability rather than physical appearance or gender.

One really large project I am undertaking is producing The Go-Girls into a feature film in LA. I am just in the planning phases, but I have connected with people on Stage 32 and professional Facebook pages for advice and collaboration on making the film. I already have a lead actress and producer, which are both me! I downloaded a film budget form from online and filled it out. I think the tentative budget should be around $90,000. A few weeks ago, I attended a seminar through IFP Phoenix about crowdfunding campaigns. The whole thing was four hours long. Two of the guests spoke to us via Skype about their experiences with crowdfunding and also their production companies. The founder of Seed and Spark was one of them and she told us how her company works for supporting indie filmmakers through providing focused crowdfunding and distribution opportunities. I believe the case for most crowdfunding sites is that they are suitable for projects with budgets of $200,000 and under. I heard the average feature film campaign is for $50,000. I put together a tentative budget for La Famille and it will definitely be about $8 million. If either script could be produced for less, I would totally go for that. However, I wouldn’t do that at the expense of actors and crew being paid a living wage.

My friend, Lee, read La Famille and loved it! He was kind enough to make edits for me and even met with me to discuss them and gave me the marked copy of my script. I really appreciated it and having corrections made on a physical copy is the only way I can edit. Staring at the computer too long makes my eyes hurt. You can read the scripts for The Go-Girls and La Famille on my profile on Stage 32 at

These are great undertakings, but it’s about time I got things rolling in my campaign for industry domination. There is nothing that I love more than acting and writing.