The Right Path

Hi all,

Well, the agency I thought I was with, The Young Agency, isn’t exactly representing me.  Instead of an actual agent I got casting notices, many of which I can find on the current sites I check, from a booking manager.  Agencies do not have booking managers.  And you have to pay for them to have you on Breakdown Express, which is an agent/manager-only site to submit you to casting directors.  This sounded wrong to me so I asked my colleagues on Hollywood Happy Hour about that and not having a contract and the whole booking manager instead of agent nonsense.  Gary Marsh, Head of Breakdown Services, e-mailed me immediately and said that companies can’t charge talent for this and will have their account on Breakdown Express terminated if they are found to be doing this.  After finding this out and hearing people’s various opinions, I decided that I was moving on.  I called and asked for them to give me back the headshots I dropped off.  In their typical fashion, I won’t be getting anywhere with that anytime soon as the only point person I had is sporadically available.  I can’t believe I wasted all that time on a place that ultimately doesn’t represent anyone.

In the good news section, I am under consideration for a paying movie called Breakthrough.  I am in the middle of auditions for the Equity theatres in town as well and it’s gone well.  I really feel that I am not wasting my time as I did at the Equity Principal Calls or certain other professional theatre auditions.  My audition for the Phoenix Theatre the weekend before last was just awesome.  I was still feeling ill but I managed to sing If I Loved You better than I have before in an audition.  I auditioned for the Arizona Theatre Company on Tuesday of last week and that was great too.  I got to audition on the stage at the Herberger Theatre.  I felt very comfortable and everyone was so nice and welcoming.  I also auditioned for a staged reading there two weeks ago.  I will audition for the Arizona Jewish Theatre, Actors Theatre, and Childsplay Theatre all at once on June 12.

I want to make some major professional strides and earn enough money for once.  I’ve started working as an Instructional Aide Substitute in Special Education classrooms.  My current assignment ends after this week.  I’ll call my temp agencies next Tuesday as Monday is Memorial Day and there might be some assignments through the school district during the summer break.


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