It’s November, mmmm…

Hi all,

Yes, I took a long time to write another blog post.  I have simply not been getting back to my page like I should.  How are you all doing?  I haven’t had any commercial auditions since the 4 audition run of awesomeness in August.  I did get to audition for a music video for which I had to react to a racial slur two different ways while pretending to pour water.  On the class front, I finished my How To Book Everything Class with Chris Game and then I took the Sitcom Class with Troy Metcalf, who is a series regular on The Middle.  I had a great time in both classes and got some practice I haven’t had in a long time or for skills I simply didn’t have before.  I’ve been keeping up with the TV and Film casting directors adding my sitcom contacts to my target list.  I recently refined the theatrical and commercial casting director lists into one document.  There are a few offices that are not possible to contact due to addresses that don’t work or not having an address.   I haven’t gotten a theatrical audition for my target list yet, but I did get to send a self-tape audition (per request) for a high-paying web series.

On the theatre front, I was cast as the Orange Fairy in a children’s Halloween play and had a quick rehearsal and two-weekend performance run.  It was called the Happy Halloween House and the company is Creating Arts Company, which produces musicals and plays for children, and also private events.  I hope to work with them more in the future.

I had a very successful audition for the Young Audiences program at the LA Philharmonic.  For some wild reason, my audition buddy and I were among the only four people there when sign ups began.  Usually at EPAs little non-union me has to wait between 2 to 6 hours to get seen.  But in this case, my buddy and I got to go in the first block.  The auditors were so nice and we had a lovely conversation about me studying in London and about how I had a major crush on the actor playing Michael Cassio in The Globe production of Othello.  However, when I went to the EPA for Utah Shakespeare Festival, for whom I had such a wonderful audition last year, I couldn’t get in to save my life.  There was a ridiculous amount of Equity members and EMCs and I was number 2 on the non-union list.  And now this Friday, there is going to be the EPA for the touring company of Les Miserables.  I listened to that musical and the Phantom of the Opera on permanent loop throughout my childhood.  I’m getting there really early and hoping to God I can get in.


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