Summer Lovin’ Part 1

Hi all,

I’ve been up to so much.  First off, I now have a commercial agent!  I’m with Aqua Talent and I hope to be getting auditions soon and booking some commercials.  I really want to act and write and produce and create full-time.  And right now, I’m taking class with Chris Game in his How To Book Everything class at Acting Up Network.  (I swear it’s the only place I want to take class from now on.)  Basically, you learn how to book any type of TV or Film audition in the class and how to work with the camera and your choices for the maximum performance.

I had to run the crowdfund campaign by myself for The Go-Girls.  I had no money to hire anyone to run it.  I did everything I could with my mostly full-time work schedule and even hired a promotions company to send out press releases and create social media ads.  I posted on social media several times nearly every day.  It was expensive enough getting set up with a tax ID and business license expenses.  I only got $155, plus two contributions off the site.  We are about as far from $200,000 as possible.  We could go into production with a bit less than half.  When I posted a job for an Executive Producer, there were very few responses.  Other people have funded features in this budget range and they did it somehow.  I know how to produce no-budget and micro budget films.  I just wanted to be in something spectacular to show that I can be a leading lady and give other women a chance to shine.  I have an amazing cast who love this script and badly want to make this film.  My Development Executive is negotiating a possible investor deal and I’m on the lookout for possible investors.

I’m auditioning for a production of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.  I’ve always liked the musical and have always wanted to play Olive Ostrovsky.  And they will be having another round of auditions for the Independent Theatres of Los Angeles.  The previous round of auditions was booked up by the time I got to audition.


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