Pulp Diction at Fertile Ground

Hi all,

I wanted to tell you about my latest project which is the world-premiere of my play The Go-Girls.  The play is going to be done as a staged reading as part of The Pulp Stage’s Pulp Diction late-night reading series.  The reading series is premiering as part of the city-wide festival of new works called Fertile Ground, which is going on in Portland, OR from January 22-February 2, 2010.  There will be staged readings and performances of new works from Portland Center Stage (PCS), Artists Repertory Theatre (ART), Miracle Theatre, and many more.  If you currently live or plan to be in the Portland Area then, please come support the festival.  Season passes and individual tickets for the performances are available.  You can find out more about the festival and tickets by clicking on the link in the links section.

The Go-Girls is a spoof on X-Men and chick lit.  The play is about a young woman named Amelia Beckett, aka Goddess of Discord.  She goes for what she thinks is a regular job interview only to be recruited into a super-hero team by lovers Joanna and Marianna. Little do her new friends know that she is a member of the Cosmic Sisterhood and has a major problem of her own: her equally powerful sister who is off her medication and on the rampage against all of Los Angeles. Into the mix comes Brian, a graphic novelist originally from Cuba, with abilities of his own. And then there is Olga, the mysterious woman warrior from Brazil, who holds a terrible secret in her past. These five join together for the battle of their lives because not only is LA in grave danger, the fate of the entire world is at stake.

The Pulp Stage’s Pulp Diction series will be performing at The Brody Theatre January 24-28.  The Go-Girls will be performed on Thursday, January 28 at 10:30pm.  The show is directed by Micki Selvitella and the role of Amelia Beckett/Goddess of Discord will be played by me.  The two other full-length works in the reading series are The Rewrite Man by Steve Patterson and The Night I Died by Matt Haynes.  I have listed the link to The Pulp Stage website below in the links section.

One final note is that The Go-Girls was first performed as a staged reading at Drama Studio London on April 21, 2008 before a small group of students and teachers.  I would like to take this moment to thank that first cast for their enthusiastic work that helped me get this play to its world-premiere.


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