News Update

Hi all,

Here is an update on the progress of my staged reading.  I met with my director, Micki, last Wednesday and we discussed casting and the low-down on each character.  We are having auditions on possibly Dec. 13,14 or 19,20.  I’ll let you know when the venue is determined for the auditions, and if you’re in the Portland area, you’re welcome to audition.  The show has 12 women parts, a few of which we’re planning to double up for the reading, and one part for a guy.  Some other details about the reading are that we are going to have subtitle cards for the parts in Spanish and Portuguese and possibly sound effect cards for the battle scenes.  It’s going to be a really funny show.

There will be a meeting for everyone involved in the Pulp Diction reading series within the month.  I look forward to meeting with them.

In unrelated news, I thought I should mention that I am also taking an acting for film class with Shelly Lipkin.  Shelly is a 20-year+ veteran of Hollywood and now resides in Portland.  I worked on a scene from the Australian movie Love Serenade and I am currently working on a scene from Adaptation and one from Thelma and Louise.  Being on film is an interesting experience.  My previous experience on film was doing student films and film/tv  classes at Drama Studio London.

Well, that’s the scoop.


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