News This Week

Hi all,

Let me tell you my latest news.  Well, I’m meeting with Micki, my director, this coming week to discuss the particulars for the reading and to share my script revisions.  I also found a young man to help me with the lines in the script that are in Brazilian Portuguese.  I have been thoroughly revising my script since I finished the first draft on New Year’s Eve, 2006.  It’s a well-known fact that plays take three years on average to get produced.  I hope that I can get my script produced in the future.  It’s exciting to share my work with a larger audience and get to perform it to boot.  I did after all write The Go-Girls for myself to act in.

I have been asked to post a blog on The Fertile Ground website.  I am very honored to be asked.  You’ll be seeing that post soon.  It will be about my process as a playwright and I’ll also mention a bit about why I wrote The Go-Girls.  I have some work to get done.


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