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Hi all,

Here’s post number two for today.  Don’t pass out, it’s ok.  Do I ever have a problem.  That job that I thought I had never materialized.  I’m still searching for work and no acting gigs have come through.  I know after nearly four months, one can’t expect much but my bank balance is quickly draining.  So, people, call in the cavalry.  Anyone got any job prospects, or do I have to start a application on the blog?

I’ll be auditioning for the CLO of Southbay Cities production of Beehive: the Musical.  It’s an Equity production and I’ll be auditioning with a number from Smokey Joe’s Cafe.  The pay for Equity and Non-Equity is different though.  While I can’t sing Christina Aguilera tunes well, I can do 60’s pop very well.  It’s easier to sing and you don’t have to do any vocal funny stuff.

And I went to a premiere for the blog series, The Day Player.  It’s a great series but sadly they need more money to make more episodes.  I’d give them money if I could but I’m one poor girl.  Here is the link to the series:

At the premiere,  I met a veteran actress named Susyn and she is part of an actor’s group and I’m invited to join.  She’ll get me some more info.  Maybe they could save my life so to speak.  I continue to send my intro cards to casting directors.  And I’ve narrowed down that agent submission list.  Anyway, so much to do.  Pray for my success.


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