Angels Among Us

Hi all,

I received some very sad news on Monday that a dear friend of mine passed away from cancer.  Her name was Sono Sato Harris and she was the assistant director of Trueheart Productions.  I had the honor of working with her on Rejected No More and I loved getting to know such an incredible woman.  She was a consummate professional who helped us all achieve our best performance.  Sono was a wife, mother, grandmother, true artist, and the greatest friend a person could have.  I cannot believe that such a gift from God is no longer here.

Sono had a solid faith in the Lord and His plan for her.  I heard that she faced her own mortality with the same grace with which she lived her life.  I can hardly explain how much she meant to those who knew her, she was just that incredible.  Some people are so amazing that words aren’t adequate to describe them.

I am so sad for her beautiful family and her dear friends.  I pray for God’s healing power.  I’m simply heartbroken.

Honor the gifts from God in your life.  As a devout Catholic, I believe in God and heaven and in Jesus, and that all God’s blessed children return to him.


One thought on “Angels Among Us

  1. Dearest Anna-
    Thank you for such a lovely tribute to the woman we all loved so much! She was, really and truly, an incredible and wonderful woman.
    -Rebecca / “Ruth” =)


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