Making It Work

Hi all,

I had to get a post in before too late.  So, is anyone actually reading this?  I’m auditioning for a Christmas singing group in the area.  The special appointment with Goode Time Productions didn’t work out.  I’ll also be auditioning for a murder mystery theatre company.  Many years ago I tried to become part of the Eddie May Murder Mysteries troupe.  I auditioned and the lady accepted me as an understudy, but after rehearsing with them for a month or so, I found out that she had no room for the understudies.  I only found out after I had e-mailed her when I came to the rehearsal space and no one was there.  So this had better not end up like that.  I have received no callbacks from the Equity theatres.  I got a special local artist ticket deal for Boeing Boeing at the Phoenix Theatre.

I want to be considered a proper professional but according to the head of one acting studio that I had submitted to as an instructor, I have never acted professionally.  She said her other people are 10-yr+ industry veterans.  I have acted for money, that’s professional.  Pardon my non-union status, I’m trying to do something about it.  I applied to a local community theatre to be an instructor today and I hope to hear back soon.  The nice man on the phone invited me to audition for their season, but being community theatre, they don’t pay.  Before you say that that is no problem, I have to tell you that I didn’t go to London nor am on in a docudrama on Netflix so I can act with the plumber next door.  There’s a difference between extensively-trained people going for a career and people who do it as a hobby.  I want to work with people who can increase my skills to the next level, not lower them.  As the late Bob Fraser said, professional, high-quality projects don’t involve actors working for free.  (My little movie technically doesn’t count with that guideline.)  This theatre has won a lot of awards but I need union, paying professional work.  I’m not settling for much less.  I don’t mind doing commercials and industrials that pay.  Those are often not under a union contract, but a great deal of people see commercials so that would be awesome.

My commercial/voiceover/teleprompter workshop with Gene Ganssle is great.  I’ve had a lot of fun and read some fun scripts like the one for the “car whisperer” and Mother Nature.  The last session is today.  And I’m working on those monologues for my agent.  The Rebel group acting competition was cancelled, which makes me sad.  They thought they hadn’t planned it right but it sounded fine to me.

Also, a buddy of mine contacted me about a lady he knows that needed someone to sing Ave Maria at the renewal of her wedding vows.  I was so flattered and I happily agreed.  She’s paying me money, which is the way I like it.

I only got a day instructional aide substitute assignment so far from one of my school districts.  Another one of the districts is having an issue with reference forms so they won’t let me sub for them yet.  And I didn’t get into the standardized patient program.  And I thought the interview went so well.


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