It’s Official!

Hi all,

Here is post number 2 for today.  After hoping and submitting for a good agent, I have been signed!  Deborah Maddox is now my agent.  Her agency is SAG-franchised and she has been in the industry for a long time.  My photographer, Jon Simpson, knows her and thinks she is terrific.  Most projects that come through in Arizona are commercials so she wanted me to get my commercial skills in order.  I will be attending a commercial workshop with her colleague Gene, an industry veteran.  And I will be preparing two film monologues to show her.

I can’t believe I wasted so many months trying to get a straight answer out of the Young Agency.  I don’t know what they think they’re doing.  I heard a radio ad for a casting director who is holding a workshop to get your kids on the Disney Channel.  The Young Agency has a casting director come out quite often to hold a workshop at their office who is supposed to cast for Disney.  The cost is $99.  This must be the same person.  No one can promise to give your kid or any other actor a job and I don’t know why she comes to an agency and charges their talent to audition for her.  Agencies don’t do business like that so I don’t know why they have an A from the Better Business Bureau.  They certainly don’t have SAG approval.

So I’m working on the skills and hope to book some well-paying work soon.  I interviewed to be a Standardized Patient at a local medical school.  Standardized Patients portray patients with a specific medical condition as part of training medical school students.  They help them communicate better by giving feedback and a safe environment to make mistakes.  I got to act out a case as part of my interview and the lady was impressed.  I will hear by next week if they would like to hire me.  It pays really well.

So yes, I have many things going on.


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