Anna On Film

Hi all,

I wanted this post to make it before July ended.  Oh well.  I filmed my little movie this weekend at Collins College.  We filmed in the hallway outside a class room, but I hope it looks like a casting office, which is where it’s supposed to take place.  I was very excited to finally have something I created become a reality.  So much of my stories are still in my head or stuck in a document on my computer or only had one small staged reading (hint, hint).  La Famille is a long time coming along.  Anyhow, it was a great shoot.  We all had fun and laughed and talked about Quentin Tarantino.  I really wanted to act well and my director, Marcus Bejarano, said it looked good.  My co-star, Erica Mathlin, was wickedly funny as the porn star I’m competing for the role with.  I was surprised how long it takes to film a two-minute short.  I did tell them I wanted it to look good.  This wonderfully generous man lended us most of the equipment and we got to use a Canon 7D and a Rebel Camera.  You’d be surprised what you can film on cameras that compact.  I provided bottled water and home-made banana muffins.  I got some major help organizing and helping make the film from Ryan Pierson, one of the heads of Friars Lantern Entertainment.  He manned the sound equipment because the sound editor didn’t show up the day of filming.  Fortunately, one of my buddies and actors, Stephen Kessen, knows how to sound edit and also is editing the film.  Ryan bought the pizza.  It was all very quaint.  We made sure to get out of the building before they closed it up for the day.

I want to have a budget for my next film and some SAG contracts.  I found out that the major film companies don’t receive any incentives for filming in Arizona so those jobs go elsewhere.  I wonder what I can do about that.  Many people here and in Portland have settled for working for free, except Oregon has film incentives.  I think that’s sad.


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