Summer Vacation

Hi all,

I visited home last week and I just got back this past Monday.  I got to see my friend Tiffany, the composer/writer of Rejected No More, the world-premiere musical in which I was one of the paid pros.  She’s doing a certification program at the Berkelee School of Music on-line and is planning another musical.  More news to come on that.  I also learned to use a sewing machine to make my costume for Sabotencon at the end of September/beginning of October.  I have a account under emmymae so check me out there.  I’ll be going to Sabotencon, an anime/manga convention right in Phoenix, as an original character shinigami from the anime/manga series Bleach.  That should be great.

Back to acting.  I auditioned on Wednesday for the play Amexica: Tales of the Fourth World from New Carpa Productions.  They pay a stipend.  I got to read the role of the main character’s mother when she was 16 and pregnant.  I thought that was interesting as the characters are mostly Mexican and I’m very Northern European.  The people were awesome.  The managing artistic director (I think?) asked me for a monologue and then to sing a song and then asked if I had a pop song I could do.  I actually know some but it’s not my specialty so I did some Sarah McLaughlin.  I was very glad to be prepared and I actually felt like the master actress I am.

In my movie news, I met with the sound engineer, as he was unable to attend the meeting, and gave him the information he needed.  Our production meeting went well and the environment was very friendly among us.  We are still looking for locations that we can film in for free.  My brother has a book called something along the lines of How to Make a Movie for $10,000 Without Getting Arrested.  We don’t even have a budget.  I feel weird being the Executive Producer, in addition to actress and screenwriter, with no money.  I haven’t decided what I want to do with regards to distribution.

I get the FilmNewsBriefs and each month they choose a few short films to put in their Filmmakers to Watch newsletter.  I got to see an episode of the web series Diary of A Single Mother and it’s incredibly good.  It’s no wonder as the series stars Monica Calhoun, Billy Dee Williams, Diahann Carroll, among other major name talent.  I was surprised that it isn’t on the Lifetime Network or BET.  They also included in the Filmmakers newsletter a short called Zero from a director/animator from Australia.  The short is stop-motion animation with adorable figures made of yarn and it’s about a guy who is literally born with a zero on his chest.

Oh, and I now have a personal copy of The Rite of Exorcism.  No, you can’t borrow it.  You have to get it on Netflix. (:  And I’m going to see Harry Potter today!  I’m so excited.


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