Hi all,

Well, it looks like I’ll still be going to Arizona.  I have a job interview for an upscale clothing store, so I’ll have to see how that goes.  With each job offer (the few that have been) I have to think about if it will pay my bills.  You can’t go about your acting business very well if you have financial woes.  I made some substantial money working a trade show and two nights of a concert, but I still need a lot more.

I tried to do a drop-off at the American Film Institute which has a film school.  I found out that you cannot have a speaking role in the student films if you are not SAG, you can only be an extra.  This is due to an agreement with SAG, but I don’t understand why this is so as non-union people can get cast in SAG features with a Taft-Hartley.  That’s just plain limiting and silly for student films with no pay.  Why not a SAG Waiver contract so anyone can have a speaking role?  The definition of Union ought to be not working for free.  But I have seen SAG films with deferred and no pay and that is silly, and Equity 99-Seat contracts which allow you to make everyone essentially work for free.  I wouldn’t put together a serious project without a budget to pay, unless it’s a short film for the purpose of making a demo reel.

I auditioned for An American Tract two weeks ago and it went well.  I kept missing the parking garage near the building and they were filming along the street so I ended up late, which was embarrassing.  But all ended well.  I haven’t heard about callbacks or anything.

Since my lease is up Nov. 14 and my being here is up in the air, I haven’t been sure about doing drop-offs or submissions.  I have sent my postcards (aka odd-sized mailer, postcard in envelope) to my list of CD’s.  I have heard they prefer submissions and correspondence through reps only, but representation isn’t that easy to get.  And then I have heard that a number of them don’t mind at all.  I find no harm in respectful, professional correspondence and submissions and drop-offs.  I would never call their offices of course since I don’t think it’s a good idea.  However, some people say you can.

I never heard back from the one commercial agent and I visited her address to find her office wasn’t there.  I have no idea what’s going on.

My parents are coming to visit me on Thursday and stay until Sunday.  That will be good.  And if I move, as I believe I will, my mom is coming back down to help me move.

So yeah, up in the air is the word of the day.


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