No More Waiters by Bones Rodriguez

Hi all,

I don’t usually do book promotions on my site, but I read No More Waiters by Bones Rodriguez and I’d love to recommend it to you.  Basically, it’s a guide to actors about how to earn income without a day job so you have more time for your actual job of acting or any other art that is your real career.  You know by reading my blog that I have long struggled with finding flexible work and having enough money.  The solutions that Bones provides are all based around internet businesses and affiliate sales.  He also provides tips for how to run a lucrative side business if that is your style.  I personally like the affiliate sales program on ClickBank because they make it easy to get started.  One thing he does tell actors is that you have to put some time and effort into setting up an affiliate sales or side business.  However, it’s not terribly difficult and these sites will show you how.  For example, ClickBank has a library of articles and videos that tell you how to set up your account and how to get business.  You can also be a vendor on the site and sell books if you’re a writer.  That is just one avenue that he talks about.

I have long believed that you can’t do your best acting work if you have to juggle an 8-hr or more work day alongside acting.  Having the freedom and availability to do what you love is so crucial to being successful.

Please click on this link to buy the e-book:

Let me know what you think and how it works for you.  You get a great deal of bonuses for ordering.


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