Business Casual (Having a Bowl!)

Hi all,

Last weekend, I headed up the Cactus Flower Pictures team for the IFP Beat the Clock Film Challenge in which we had to make a coherent film in 48 hrs.  They give each team a certain number of things you must have in the film, such as a line, a genre, and a prop.  We chose comedy for our genre and a bowl from the selection of props.  I got my entire team from posting on Facebook.  I had the best cinematographer, Rich Goldstein, who did exceptional work editing the film together, and making sure that the colors and lighting were correct.  He had some really impressive camera, sound, and lighting equipment.  I had to organize a bunch of people, but they were all greatly dedicated.  I was amazed with who was interested in being part of my team.  I wrote the story for the script and my director, Matt Lowery, put it all together.  He was a great director.

The plot of our short film is that a young woman finally decides to ask out her office crush on the day of an important presentation.  She chooses to present a multi-purpose bowl and things go crazy from there.  The premiere of all the short films will be at the Phoenix Art Museum the evening of July 23 at 6pm.  Tickets are available at  Our film had a few issues uploading, so we didn’t make the deadline to be eligible for awards.  And I swear we would have gotten first place!

Here is a photo of three of us from the cast in the boardroom during filming:


We filmed at the Hilton Phoenix/Mesa and the Church of the Master.  I had an incredible time making this film.  We had a call time of 6am to make sure we had time to film everything to perfection.  And I am deeply proud to be the producer of this film.  I’m not used to leadership roles.  I have heard about aligning your actions with your career goals and I saw this as a first step in establishing myself as a producer of my own material.


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