Anna On Video

Hi all,

I would like to share some reviews from people who saw the Pulp Diction series.  There was a great deal of praise and the series was an artistic success.  Here they are:

“The writing and the acting was outrageous. Keep it up over there, with the play and with Pulp Stages.”

-Nicole Lane
Associate Director of Fertile Ground

“…a flawless company of actors, musicians, dancer…s, puppeteers and fellow playwrights did an astonishing job… these PULP STAGE people are professionals. They WILL entertain you.”

-Jason Squamata

In other news, the teaser trailer for Micki’s web series, F22, is now on YouTube.  Here is the link to that and the link address below if the one above doesn’t work.  Here is the description of the series from Micki herself:

“Nika, a photographer/videographer, has lead her life believing that her parents were killed in a car crash when she was a little girl. Then one day, she receives footage indicating that they were actually murdered. Thus begins years of being on the run, following a trail of evidence that will hopefully lead her to her parents killers. And possibly being pursued by the very people who did it…”

The series sounds awesome.  Please pass on the link to everyone you know.


And a third piece of news: I’m part of the promo video for Trueheart Productions, where I originated the role of Betta in Rejected No More, which is based on the story of Ruth.  They have a new production called Estranged Identity premiering later this Spring.  I will post the video link once it’s posted on the website, which is  So you at last get to see me on video.


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