I See You

Hi all,

Well, the shoot for the student short that I was auditioning for got postponed so I won’t be auditioning tomorrow.  And it was such a fun script.

Anyhow, I saw the phenomenon of Avatar.  I have never seen anything like this movie on the screen before.  The movie grabs you by the hand and immerses you in not just a story but an entire world.  It left me speechless.  I saw Avatar in 3-D so it was like being in the middle of Halo (the videogame).  Pandora is so lush and beautiful.  I especially loved that all the trees and moss glowed in the dark.  James Cameron has created such an incredible, immersive, fully-realized work of absolute beauty.  And his perseverance in bringing this story to the screen is inspirational.  He created a revolutionary new 3-D camera to make the film.

I am fascinated by the excellent acting often done against a green screen with movement sensors to things that would only be present in the final version of the film.  Oftentimes, us actors have to react to people and things that aren’t really there.  Special effects really fascinate me.  It’s one of the elements I love about film.  You can’t create a 3-D CGI world onstage.  I especially love the advanced effects of fantasy and sci-fi films that filmmakers are capable of these days.  As much as I love theatre, I would love to act in sci-fi films and series.

Avatar is one of the best experiences I have ever had at the movies.  And it’s one of the nominees for best picture.


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