Getting Warmer

Hi all,

We are having our first rehearsal with the whole cast this Saturday.  But last night, Jorge (playing Brian), Samantha (playing Carlie), Micki, and I met to rehearse our preview.  It’s going to be campy and fun with plenty of silly girl fighting.  That will be part of the Pulp Sampler and I think I might attend the rest of the evening as we will be doing the main show previews at the beginning.  The only challenge will be parking in Old Town Portland twice this coming week.

Jorge is also starring in the show Memory Water, also part of Fertile Ground, at Shaking the Tree Studio.  I will be attending the open dress rehearsal tonight.  The show is about the legend of La Llorona, or the Weeping Woman.

I’m so excited to have my play premiering and that it’s one of the three main attractions in the Pulp Diction series.  I hope it goes great and that a lot of people come.  Of course, it’s also part of an entire festival of new work.  If you’re in Portland or environs for these two weeks, come check out all that Fertile Ground has to offer.  Festival passes are now only $50 and most individual shows are $10-15 per ticket.  You can still get tickets for all events, especially Pulp Diction.

There is an article in the Portland Mercury online about Fertile Ground and Pulp Diction.  Here is the link:  There’s also a spread in this week’s A&E section in the Oregonian about Fertile Ground with information about highlighted events.

But whatever you choose to see, put The Go-Girls on the top of your list.  My play is guaranteed to make you fall out of your seat with laugher.  And it’s also starring me.  And of course, there’ll be plenty of beer.


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