Here Come the Go-Girls!

Hi all,

The premiere date is almost here and we’re getting ready for our close-up.  Our rehearsal schedule is set and we’re meeting this Thursday for the first time.  I am so happy that we have a guy!  They seem to come at a premium these days. (:  I made translation cards for the parts in Spanish and Portuguese.  We’re also going to have original music for our reading.

This Sunday is the preview as part of the Pulp Diction Pulp Sampler, which is going to be hilarious.  Micki, my director, wrote the preview.  So I hope you can all come to that.  And of course make sure you have your tickets for Thursday, Jan. 28 for the world-premiere reading.

In other news, I just attended the PATA auditions which happen twice a year.  I attended the monologue and the musical auditions.  It went well and they’re a good way to get local companies and casting directors to know your work.  They also offer a dance audition, but I didn’t participate in that one.  You have to be either a member of PATA, TPS (Theatre Puget Sound), or Equity to audition.

I’ll see you at the Brody!


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