10 Things About Me!

Hi everyone,

In a fun change from the regular post, here are 10 things about me styled after those celebrity fun interviews in magazines.

1. I’m scared of the dark because I still think that monsters will come out.

2. I visited Budapest with my family two days after the Russians had left.  People were celebrating in the streets and they were overjoyed to see Americans.  My Dad wanted us to do the day trip to Yugoslavia but my Mom told him no way.

3. I’ve had a root canal.  I was 19 when that happened.

4. I have sprained my right ankle about 15 times.

5. I once disjointed my baby toe by getting my foot stuck under the closet door.  I had to go to work, so I snapped it back into place and went about my day.

6.  When I was 12, I wanted to dye my hair black.  My Mom told me it would turn green, so I abandoned that idea.

7.  I wanted to be a Marine Biologist for a long time when I was a kid.

8.  I briefly took fencing lessons.

9. I won a first place blue ribbon for the backstroke when I was 7.

10.  I was among the last visitors allowed to climb Chechen Itza in Mexico.


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