Heat Wave

Hi all,

I had to have one last post before the month ends.  There haven’t been this many posts for one month since February of 2010.

I haven’t heard yet about the educational video series.  The filming dates are most of  July and I will be visiting home next week so it’s a big conflict.  I hope this doesn’t mean I can’t be in the videos.  The launch went just fine and the Rebel Film Acting Competition is going to be on July 28.  There will be three rounds to determine the winners.  One of the competition judges is Faith Hibbs-Clark, the head of Good Faith Casting.  They cast roles for major films in Arizona and I have been making a concerted effort to get on their list.  Other industry people will be judging and in attendance.  I met another Anna, a fellow actress who has been more successful than me.  She goes between LA and here and she lived in New York.  We’re going to help each other out.  One of the rounds of the competition is Shakespeare monologues, which I’ll be helping her with as I have a lot of Shakespeare training.  Anna #2 was part of the company of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, which will not grant me an audition.  They are the premiere Shakespeare Festival on the West Coast and they love Broadway actors.  (That’s why I tried to move to New York in Fall of 2008, but after two days it was so awful that my mom took me right back home.  The move did not become official whatsoever.  I think New York is the worst city on earth so I suggest a better city, like San Francisco, to be the home of Broadway.)  I want to do my best in the competition so people will want to hire me.

The weather continues to heat up into the 110’s so I can hardly stand being outside.  I’m glad I’ll be getting a break from the heat when I visit home.  I’ve submitted to the SAG-franchised agencies again and one sent me the same automated “we have too many people” message, one I didn’t hear from yet again, one is not accepting new submissions until August, and one I just submitted to.  I’ve had it with not being able to get actual representation.  Pardon the complaining, the heat has made me crabby.

Good news, I have scheduled the first production meeting for Pick Me!.  I have a sound engineer, a director, another actress, and the guy who directed me in the Mensa Spoof Commercial, Stephen Kessen.  He’s playing the casting intern in the film.  We have some solid ideas as to where we are filming.  We meet this Saturday and things look good.


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