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Hi all,

I meant to get to blogging but it took me a while.  I re-dubbed some audio for my scene in the documentary.  They should have the film ready in three weeks.  I had fun looking at myself on film.  I looked really nuts, but I didn’t look cold or weak.  The building where Veritas Pictures is has an audio company upstairs, which is where the re-dubbing took place.  That’s really awesome having everything you need for productions in one place.

I had put an ad on here about filming “Pick Me!” two months ago and I finally got a response.  It was from a guy with some solid skills and experience.  Sadly, I couldn’t provide compensation so he was not able to do the project.  I believe in working for money and I would have offered money, but I don’t know anything about funding projects.  I figured it was a two-minute film so it would be okay.

I auditioned for Broadway Palm, a professional but non-union dinner theatre company with theatres in Florida and Pennsylvania, this past Friday.  I’m not sure that I was amazing enough as I didn’t start when I should have on the first song and the accompanist had to start over again.  And the auditions were videotaped.  That left me wondering if I really have the talent to call myself a pro.

I also submitted to the agents in town but most of them have no room for me.  I haven’t heard from two of them and I’m debating whether or not to call them since this isn’t LA with thousands of agencies so that one would have to remind them.

I did get to meet with one of the agencies in a general call.  However, it was really a humiliating waste of time.  I walked in the door and received a bit of commercial copy to read on-camera when I met with the agents.  When it was my turn, I went in and was told to slate and then read the copy.  I had to slate my age as well as my height, which is actually majorly against professional protocol.  Upon hearing my age, the head agent proclaimed she couldn’t believe I was 28 since she thought I was much older.  That’s preposterous.  Most everyone thinks I’m still in college.  She interrupted me again before I could read the copy with a compliment on my sweater.  Well, I didn’t read very well and I’m actually trained to be good at it.  Then she told me to sit down and proceeded to tell me what I needed to do before she would take me on.  I was to cut my hair in a certain way and put highlights and lowlights in it because my hair color (au natural, thank you) washed me out.  I was to majorly get into improv as she thought of me as the same type as Rachel Dresch.  And I was to get a new headshot as it didn’t do me justice.  I politely said thank you and was excused.  I cannot ever go with that agency as I do not look older than 25, I am not altering my beautiful, natural hair color and cutting it the way someone told me to, and I am not Rachel Dresch nor am I SNL material.  It’s wrong to call in someone you want to be something else before you take them on.

In the good news bin, I convinced a new buddy of mine that the scam casting company I previously mentioned was bad news.

I submitted a short play to the Beowulf Alley Theatre in Tucson for their Valentine’s Day lunch play series.  It’s called Sarah, Don’t Be Mad.  It wasn’t chosen, but they will have future calls for submissions soon.  The play is about a couple that are feuding in a bar because the guy forgot the girl’s birthday, which is Valentine’s Day.  They are saved from breaking up by a mouthy waitress.  It’s pretty funny.


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