Between Projects

Hi all,

Tonight I am attending the premiere and Q&A for the film Margarine Wars.  Helen McCready, who cast the film, will be there.  I’m on her e-mail list which any actor can sign up for at  You might remember that I had an audition with her for a project produced in Arizona.

I am trying to submit Pick Me! to the Hollyshorts Film Festival but I will be making the late deadline as I have to have all the paperwork in order and make a copy of the film for mailing.  I attended the Phoenix Film Festival the weekend before last and I got the flex pass, which lets you see four films.  I saw a cool documentary about a Brazilian artist called Bel Borba Aqui, a strange movie called Beyond the Black Rainbow, and two other great films called Searching for Sonny and How Do You Write a Joe Sherman Song?  I am now following the directors of both films on Twitter: Andrew Disney and Gary King respectively.  The Phoenix Film Festival is a pretty major festival with films from around the world and top-tier production teams.  I badly want to get on the radar of the up and coming Indie film directors, people who actually make SAG films, not the no-pay-Mom’s-camcorder amateur indie films.

I haven’t acted in anything lately nor have I had any auditions.  I am awaiting audition news from the Equity theatres and agent bookings.  I actually got to talk to the head of my agency on the phone and we had a great conversation.  She wanted to have a chance to get to know me better, which I really appreciate.

I’ll be stepping up my game since I’ve let my sub assignments and certification program work sap my energy and efforts.  Guess what?  The costume group I am part of, The Arizona Avengers, are going to be at the Avengers movie premiere on May 3.  I’ll be there as Belladonna.


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