Anna Superstar

Hi all,

Happy May! How could the year have gone so fast? I had two auditions back to back this past Saturday and it was awesome. I auditioned for Arizona Broadway Theatre and they were wonderful. They have a huge performance complex and are highly professional. I then auditioned for a paying PSA directed by Gene Ganssle, from whom I took the Teleprompter/Voiceover/Commercial workshop. It was good to see him again and I also ran into some of my acting friends. I did well at both auditions. I had to sing two contrasting songs for Arizona Broadway Theatre and I didn’t falter and really went for it. Then I had an audition for a short film yesterday and I ran into my friend Stephen Kessen, who I believe wrote the script. I hadn’t seen him in so long. This coming weekend I audition for Southwest Shakespeare Company and I hope it goes well. My audition for Arizona Theatre Company went great and I really showed some confidence. I want this to be my lucky year.

I recently came up with a categorization of acting success. The first category is small market monopolizers, which are people who get cast in everything in their small town. These are places like Seaside, OR or some small town in Iowa. The next category is middle market monopolizers. These are the people who get cast in everything in a mid-range market. I would consider Phoenix to be a middle market, though potentially more significant than Portland. The third and top category is mega market monopolizers. These are the major celebrities all the way down to the D-List. Yes, they are the top people in New York and LA. You know what category I want to end up in.

I’ll be attending Phoenix Comiccon this coming Memorial Day weekend. If you’re in Phoenix then, check it out. The dates are May 23-26. I would love to be part of a panel again.Ā  This next weekend I also get to see my parents.Ā  We’re having Mother’s Day Brunch.


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