The Little Anna That Could

Hi all,

I’m visiting home this coming week!  First off, I was wondering how many people are reading this blog.  I don’t receive many comments about the posts.  I wanted to first give you some updates.  I booked a court TV show a few weeks back as one of the litigants.  I can’t give any other details about the episode, but I can tell you the title of the show once it gets closer to the air date. I’ve tried out audience work but it’s precarious and you can get dismissed for wearing an item in the wrong color, and the tapings don’t last too long in general.  Some friends of mine swear by extra work and there are a number of gigs that pay well, especially commercials, but I came out here to do principal roles and speaking parts.  I didn’t leave job security in Arizona to keep doing the same things I did there.

The main crew for The Go-Girls is coming together with a director, cinematographer, production coordinator, and even more people whose job titles are to be decided.  I went to a distribution panel at the Film Independent headquarters with the head of Distribber and learned more information to get my film distribution.  I know it’s something you have to think about before you start filming.  (Our start dates will depend on when we get funding.)  One of the most important things he said was “Your list is your life!,” which means the more people you have who know about your movie and are connected to you, the more people will see  your film and support it (financially and emotionally).  I am working out the details but it has taken longer than I thought.  I went to an industry picnic in Griffith Park to network and have a Q&A with the head of 360-degree production company, Buffalo 8, which deals with producing its own content and helping with the funding and distribution of films.  I took lots of notes and gave just about everyone there my business card.  I have contacted several of them to ask for advice and even one who told me he would be interested in casting me in SAG-AFTRA films.

I’m now also a member of the LA Table and they are so nice and actually helpful.  They even help members have table readings and small film projects.  My mind is boggled with all the information I have been given with all these Q&A’s and panels.  I even went this week to see a free for Film Independent members showing of the film, Little Men, that Buffalo 8 helped fund and distribute.  It’s a really great movie with heart and deals with real life like actual real life.  And I auditioned for a paid student film, did an audience taping, and then went to that distribution panel all in one day. I had nearly forgotten the two Film Independent things I had signed up for this week I was so engrossed in details.  You can join Film Independent for $95 per year and a film pro membership with free castings, consultations, waived film festival fees, and other goodies is $250 per year.  I should really get the film pro membership because that is exactly what I need.

Now, I’m off on vacation to get my head back in order.  I really need a break from all the anxiety and the endless list of tasks, and acting like the extrovert I’m not.


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