Auditions for The Go-Girls

Hi all,

Auditions for The Go-Girls have been scheduled.  Below is the audition notice from my director, Micki Selvitella, and it has been copied from the message on the pdxbackstage list at

Auditions will be held for “The Go-Girls, Saving the World in Style”, on Monday, December 14th from 6:00-8:30pm at the Miracle Theatre. This full-length play is part of the “Pulp Diction” series of the Fertile Ground Festival. It will have a 15-min. preview on Sunday, January 24th, and will be performed as a Late Night reading on Thursday, January 28th at the Brody Theatre. There will be a 3 rehearsal commitment, in addition to performances.

 NEEDED: 2 female actors – early 30s, any ethnicity. 1 female actor – late teens to early 20s, Latina or Brazilian Portuguese speaker. 3-4 females actors – 20s, any ethnicity. 1 male actor – late 20s to early 30s, Latino, or a Spanish speaker.

“The Go-Girls” is written by Anna Sahlstrom and directed by Micki Selvitella. “Pulp Diction” is produced by (Tall) Matt Haynes.

 There will be some pay in the form of take-from sales.

If interested, please contact Micki Selvitella off-list at mickiselvitella@ Please send headshot & resume, as well as a preferred audition time. Once your time has been confirmed, you will be sent a copy of the script, along with audition sides. Auditions will be readings from the script in 5-8 min. intervals. You will be paired up with a partner at the audition.

Know that you may also be considered for other “Pulp Diction” readings at the Brody – a great chance to be seen by several directors at once!

Thanks, Micki Selvitella

You’re welcome to come audition if you’re in the Portland area.  Please make sure to e-mail Micki directly with the requested materials.  Don’t message me about it.  This is just a reposting of the notice.


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