The Other Side of the Table

Hi all,

Well, Monday night we had the auditions for The Go-Girls reading at the Miracle Theatre.  It was my first time on the other side of the table at an audition.  I felt strange watching people audition instead of being the one auditioning.  I have often felt in that position that I was facing a firing squad even though I clearly wasn’t.  The directors of the pieces told me that they want actors to be “the one” and make their job easier.  The fact that I wrote the play and that I knew exactly what part I’m playing made me relax a lot more.  It was really neat to see people auditioning with my material.  I felt very important.

There weren’t too many ladies who auditioned and some canceled at the last minute or didn’t show up.  The importance of punctuality and showing up for jobs and auditions has always been greatly stressed in every acting program, workshop, or class I have been a part of.  I believe that I owe it to myself to take advantage of every great opportunity that comes my way.  So many thanks to the ladies who auditioned.  I am honored by your interest in my play.

Anyway, my director found enough ladies for the cast and a possible man to play Brian.  So we’re good.  We will meet to discuss the reading after Christmas.

One funny part of the night was that it was really rainy and I came in drenched having parked my car a few blocks away.  Give it up for Northwest weather!


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