Here I Go

Hi all,

I’m sorry for not posting for a while.  I’ve been busy packing and what not.  Well, I drive to LA tomorrow and plan to get there in three days.  On they way, I’m going to see the play Pride and Prejudice at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.  I would love to be in their company.

Anyhow, I was going to post my demo reel, but there was a misunderstanding and the reel is just the student film and the all the takes from my onscreen acting class in their entirety.  I also realized that the footage didn’t look good anyway.  I have to make a good impression with my materials.  I’ll be joining the excellent Actors’ Network and signing with the temp agencies.  I also get to stay for at least a month with a really nice couple.  My pal in LA, Sokrates, was recently in a pilot for a show called Revivals written by the screenwriter of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”  So great things can happen.

I really hope this is the right decision.


One thought on “Here I Go

  1. Just saw your post on pdxbackstage. all the best to you in L.A. I was there for years and I think you’ll like it.
    Break a leg


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