Hustle and Bustle

Hi all,

I didn’t mean to take so long.  I’ve had moments of relief and moments of deep sadness.  I didn’t know what I was going to do in my bleak situation.  Well, I’ve had a number of day job interviews but I haven’t gotten the job yet.  The jobs I interviewed for required proper attendance so that would have been a challenge if I was doing an acting job during the day.  But money would be nice.

I just got my first paid film gig for a documentary/short film called The Rite.  It’s about exorcism.  I was supposed to film yesterday but the date for filming my part was put on a different day, which is perfectly normal.  I look forward to putting it on my resume.  I haven’t found out my part yet.

I auditioned for Hello Dolly at the Hale Center Theatre, a student film, and will be auditioning for a new musical about Judy Garland starring Paige O’Hara, the Broadway actress.  That last one is an Equity Production.  I haven’t heard yet from PCPA.  I want to audition for the Idaho Shakespeare Festival when they audition in LA in January, but I don’t know if I’ll make it over there.

I had a really odd experience a few weeks back when I looked into the premium profile package at a casting company.  (I wasn’t aware such a thing existed.)  I won’t say the name lest someone get offended.  They have a lot of casting calls from real productions and anyone can register as an extra.  But if you want to audition for a speaking role you must get an online profile.  They say that it’s a nominal fee on the website but they don’t give details beyond a phone number.  I called and they had me schedule an interview to find out all about what they offer.  As it turns out, the lady I interviewed with told me that it was $200, but that the highly-recommended profile was $325 (if I recall right).  That is not nominal!  What was even weirder is that she was flabbergasted that little non-union me had a professional headshot.  She proceeded to tell me a bunch of junk that is clearly off-base like agents requiring you go to certain photographers who charge $1500 and that you already have to be SAG to get one.  She said agents call them and that they don’t accept any of their clients who isn’t union.  I don’t know why they call them when there are casting directors here.  I was strongly advised if I did get a profile with them to go with their photographer because photographers in Arizona don’t do digital.  Ridiculous.  My answer was no deal whatsoever.

Next I’ll do a Christmas post.


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