Hi all,

I have updated my resume to include my upcoming role in the documentary, The Rite, produced my Veritas Pictures.  I updated my current projects page with information about the project.  We are set to film this Thursday in a chapel in Guadalupe, AZ.  I play the woman being exorcised.  It’s going to be a challenge.

I have auditions for Judy: the Musical this Wednesday and on Thursday night I audition for Rockin’ Cabaret, an on-going cabaret performance series.  My parents went home after spending a week in the condo with me.  I plan to apply for more jobby jobs.  People have been sending me to job websites.  That is the only annoying part about pursuing an acting career when one is not able to make a living from it.  The idea is to have acting as your only job, not some side interest.

Now back to the couch to get my second wind.


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