Don’t Drop the Potato

Hi all,

I have been intending on posting more often, but nothing groundbreaking has happened yet.  As soon as I get my new headshots, I am in with the agency.  They have an excellent photographer coming to town that they have worked with for a long time.  However, the person requires that clients pay the entire amount for the photo shoot before it’s even happened and there would be no way to get a refund.  While I understand the reason for this, I decided it would be better to go with a local photographer that could have me pay them once I’ve received the service and from whom I could get a refund if needed.  I’ve sent the photographer websites to the agency and I’ll see what they say.

I am signed up with the Friends of Southwest Shakespeare on  They are one of the Equity theatres in town.  I got to help set up for their annual gala auction.  I’ve helped my mom with a great deal of auctions and fundraisers.  I very much wanted to help during the gala, but they had plenty of people to do that job.  I got to meet some of the board members and some other very nice people.  I had such a fun time helping out.  I got in touch with the artistic director again about auditions, as he had requested.  And I haven’t yet received a response, but that is perfectly understandable.

I have gotten a few tutoring clients, but not enough yet to be making that much money.  And I have one little job tomorrow after I meet with one of my clients.  It’s through one of the 8 staffing agencies I have now joined.  Yeowww!

I’m also auditioning for the Arizona Opera Company on March 19.  I had better get to practicing for that even though I’m somewhat busy this week.  I am also flying home to Vancouver, WA this Saturday to visit and for my grandpa’s and my own birthday.  I was my grandpa’s birthday present.

Sadly, we lost a dear family member last week: my mom’s cousin.  She died after a long and awful battle with breast cancer.  I hate cancer so much.  I won’t be able to make the funeral though I really wanted to be there.

I hope to have some insanely good news to report soon.


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