Turkey Walk

Hi all,

I took too long to post once again.  Happy Thanksgiving!  It’s Tuesday but I might as well post in advance.  I get to spend Thanksgiving with my cousin and his wife who live nearby.  I was worried that I would be alone as I can’t afford to fly home for Christmas and Thanksgiving.  That’s alright, here’s the latest news in the acting life of Anna.

So I’m in the midst of rehearsals for American Pastorela.  The link for tickets is http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/213163.  There are too many ideas going on at once with this production and we just got a new version of the script and are still missing a scene.  They want to have musical and dance numbers as well but there hasn’t been enough time allotted or personnel to do that effectively.  I will be the best Jan Brewer I can so look forward to that scene.  I also play one of Satan’s homegirls, part of an angelic choir, and a back-up singer in a little girl’s imagination.  We also have Che Guevara, Emiliano Zapata, Janet Napolitano, and other famous political figures.  Oh, and Obi Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker show up too.  We move into the space on Nov. 28.  I’ve only gotten to rehearse my main scene once.  Wish us luck!

And on top of that, I got an audition for an animated VO project with the famous CD Helen McCready.  She has a production company called Helen Wheels.  I will be leaving rehearsal early so I can go to my appointment.  I couldn’t let this opportunity slip by and yes, I made sure that I fit the specifics before submitting.  I look forward to meeting her.  I am hoping that if I am cast, I don’t have to change my flight home for Christmas and that it doesn’t conflict with the rehearsal/performance schedule or the two future jobs I got through the schools.


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