Feast of All Saints

Hi all,

With Halloween happening yesterday I couldn’t help but use the title of an Ann Rice book.  It’s All Saints’ Day and today in the Catholic church we celebrate all holy men and women.  Yesterday my friend, Lawannah, who played my mom in The Rite of Exorcism, invited me to come see PoeFest from Arizona Currriculum Theatre.  She had an extra ticket so I saw the show for free.  Basically, five actors each enacted a story from Edgar Allen Poe so it was like short one-person performances.  And they were all supposed to be inmates in an asylum.  The performances were awesomely creepy and the three men I saw perform made me jump out of my seat at times.  Lawannah was in their production of Salem:1692, which was about the Salem Witch Trials.  They also have an on-going school program to teach literacy and share the arts with children who don’t otherwise have the opportunity.

So I saw The Rite of Exorcism and it was so awesome to see myself on the big screen.  I hung out with the director, Frank Di Bugnara, and other gentleman who were involved in the film, before the showing.  I told the ladies I was sitting next to that I was in the movie and they were thrilled.

The rehearsal and performance schedule has been set for American Pastorela.  There were some delays in getting things settled for the show.  The show is playing Dec. 9, 10, 16, and 17 at 7:30pm and Dec. 11 and 18 at 2pm.  All performances are at the Phoenix Arts Center in downtown.

I filled in for a high school English teacher today.  Some of the classes were studying Romeo and Juliet.  The teacher had a student teacher responsible for the class and she recruited me to read Juliet when the class read the play out loud.  The students were pretty impressed.  I was glad to show off my skills.


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