In the Meantime

Hi all,

The Rite of Exorcism has opened it’s theatrical run.  The venue was changed again to Harkins Shea 14 in Scottsdale.  Same run and same website.  I’m going to see it twice; once with the cast/crew and once with my buddy.

I attended the first get-together for the Rebel Film Actors Alliance and Rebel Film Consortium at Manuel’s Fine Mexican Food.  The RFAA helps support paying projects for actors and provides free resources.  You have to pay for membership but that’s cool.  I got a discount because I hadn’t yet received my refund for the Rebel Film acting competition.  I had a good time and got myself talked into writing a feature-length script for a guy new to filmmaking.  He didn’t give me any specifics as to what he wanted, other than not too many locations and no more than six people, so I came up with a random idea.  I don’t think it’s shaping up to be a good script.  It’s just weird.

I went to audition at the callbacks for American Pastorela as I wasn’t able to make the audition date and there was no one there.  Well, I messaged the director and he got back to me and offered me a role!  I accepted but have yet to hear the specifics other than the first read date.  I had auditioned for New Carpa Theatre before and he remembered me.  I didn’t even get a callback for the play Milk Milk Lemonade.  I think my luck just might have changed.

Filmstock went well and I got a lot of compliments on Pick Me!  The films were even better than the last Filmstock and I really liked the work I saw including one film that looked like something on the F/X or Syfy Channel.  I met a reporter for an indie film newspaper and he gave me his card.  It was pretty cool seeing myself on the big screen though I sat there critiquing my performance.  It was such a good opportunity.  I was over the moon and I got to pose for a photo in front of the promotional screen like they do at Hollywood film premieres.  I want to make another film but I’m not sure what or how I’ll pull it off.  My magnum opus, La Famille, is a long ways from completion.  I have been telling people about it but I feel silly doing it.

That’s the definitive report so far.  I got 13 views.  How about making it triple digits?  Come on now.


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