Double Feature

Hi all,

I have another film engagement involving my work coming up this Thursday.  My film, Pick Me!, will be playing at the Filmstock Festival, this Thursday, October 13 at the Pollack Tempe Cinemas.  Doors open at 6:30pm and the show begins at 7pm.  Tickets are available now at

In other news, the venue for The Rite of Exorcism has changed to the Harkins Cinemas at Tempe Marketplace and Arrowhead Junction.  The site is still   And the dates have changed to October 21-27, a bit different than the original run.

I didn’t get into The Man in the Black Pajamas.  It would have been a great show to be part of.  I didn’t get into Good Night Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet) either.  Coming up, I am auditioning for another play from New Carpa Theatre.  I wasn’t able to make the audition this Thursday because of Filmstock, but they are allowing me to come to their callbacks to audition on Sunday.  I am very glad that they could accommodate me.

My Masquerade debut at Saboten Con went great.  I was dressed up as an original character from the Bleach anime series and I performed a skit.  There was a challenge with my audio as I didn’t know how to record a viable CD voice-over.  So the head ladies introduced me to Audacity, a free program that does audio recording, and they were able to fix it.  Anyhow, the crowd loved my skit.  Then the next day, I met up with a friend of mine for the Anime Voiceover Competition.  She loves to record anime voiceovers.  For the competition, they choose many of the contestants from video auditions and some by random choice from the crowd via raffle tickets.  Well, they called my ticket number and I got to compete.  The event was hosted by the famous duo of Rice and Haggis and they have you dub over lines from an actual anime just like they do in the studio.  I was the runner-up for the ladies and I was in complete shock when they announced my name.  And I won awesome prizes and all the winners got a photo with Rice and Haggis themselves!  Now that was a great weekend!

I just joined the Rebel Film Actors Alliance, one of the groups that Friars Lantern Entertainment oversees.  They have a filmmakers consortium in which members pay monthly dues for access to equipment and film resources and fellowship as well.  The RFAA is similar for actors and exists to support paying work for actors and proper treatment.  I might have the biggest breakthrough of all coming just around the corner.


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