Get Ready for This

Hi all,

Here’s a quick update on what’s been going on.  My meeting with Good Faith Casting went great.  I met with the head, Faith Hibbs-Clark, and she was very nice.  I read a bit of commercial copy on-camera for her and she was impressed with my skills.  I am now in their casting database.  I haven’t gotten any auditions from my agent yet and I don’t know why.

I auditioned for The Man in the Black Pajamas, an interesting scientific drama by local playwright, Charles Hinckley, last Monday and I got a callback yesterday.  I would love to be in a play again.  It’s a stipend-paying production.  I have another audition tomorrow for Good Night Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet) with Class 6 Theatre.

I have been getting a lot of days of work through the school districts and I have a three-day assignment starting tomorrow.  They use an automated phone system for assignments, which is a serious annoyance since it can call you beginning at 5am and you have no idea when it will call you for an assignment that day or for another day.  It calls for future assignments and daily assignments.

Sabotencon is this coming weekend and I’m excited!  Get your tickets at  I’m going to be in the Masquerade.  I will be dressed up as an original character shinigami from Bleach and I made my costume myself.  You have to pre-record your dialogue so I’ll have to record it on my computer.  It’s Saturday night of the convention at 7:30pm.  So please come.

Off to bed as I must get up for work tomorrow.  I wish it was on a film set.


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