When Time Permits

Hi all,

I wanted to get in one last January post. I have gotten myself a bit busy now that my student teaching assignment has begun. It’s a 40 minute drive and I have to be there at 7am every day. That and the assignment includes gradually taking over 4 classes, which scares the life out of me. The good thing is that it only lasts nine weeks and I get to go to the Renaissance Festival. I am looking forward to getting back out to the larger acting world.

Videotaping my one audition for Shakespeare Santa Cruz hasn’t worked out so I’ll just have to use the Photobooth app on my computer. They will be accepting video submissions at Coeur d’Alene Summer Theatre, which is great news. Everyone has been getting sick lately, including me. I have finally succumbed to a cold, which totally kills my productivity and practicing my audition material. My acting coach got the flu.

I went to Amazing Arizona Comic Con this past Saturday. It was at the Phoenix Convention Center. I mostly hung out at the Avengers booth and posed for photos. Stan Lee was a guest at the convention but he became sick and was not able to attend. They had two large canvases for get well wishes and us Marvel cosplayers all took a photo to send to him and signed a card. It rained all weekend and I took the light rail so I was soaking wet all day. It didn’t help that I had lost my umbrella and had forgotten to get another one. I went to Cartel, a funky little coffee-house, for a breakfast-themed lunch. I chatted up the nice barista and really enjoyed by bacon, egg, spinach, tomato, and pesto sandwich on crispy ciabatta. Unfortunately, I believe that being cold and wet all day really did me in.

I will also be attending the Musical Theatre Workshop at Phoenix Theatre in about three weeks. I always like to keep my skills up and stay on this major theatre’s radar.


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