Lucky Star

Hi all,

How was your Valentine’s? I went out to dinner at the Havana Cafe in Phoenix with my parents and grandpa. I went there last year when my grandma died because I was feeling devestated and lost. I don’t have a significant other and never have. This makes me really bitter and Christian Mingle hasn’t worked for finding a guy. How in the world can I play a romantic role if I’ve never been in love? Imagination doesn’t take care of everything, you know.

I am in the midst of student teaching and it’s sapping all my energy. I got to attend the Renaissance Festival with the students and I had such a great time being able to explore the festival by myself. It reminded me of the fairs I attended when I was little. They used to have the International Children’s Festival in Vancouver, WA. My mother was part of the organization board and even dressed up as a clown one day to work the festival. They brought in acts and artisans from around the world. There were always Chinese acrobats, storytellers, children’t comedians, and plenty of arts activities. I think the city discontinued the festival back in 1995 or thereabouts.

My agent contacted me about auditioning for an improv troupe. They don’t offer any pay for rehearsal or performances, but they do offer free training and many of their members receive offers from commercials, film, and television. The commitment is not too large either. They also do paying corporate gigs.

I attended an audition workshop at Phoenix Theatre yesterday and I learned about what they look for specifically and what actors should do in general for musical theatre auditions. Basically, it’s about presenting who you are, having a specific point of view, showing that you work well with others, picking appropriate material, and being confident and not desperate. They had a dance call and I got to hang out with the dancer group. I lost my confidence in dancing a long time ago and I really want to get it back. I really do still have some great skills; it’s just a matter of believing I can do it. One thing I really want to do soon is start taking voice lessons and dance lessons again. Phoenix Theatre will have a musical theatre intensive this summer and I would like to be part of it if I can afford it and if I am not otherwise employed on a film set or stage production.

I did send off my audition to Shakespeare Santa Cruz two weeks ago. I finally got in touch with the filmmaker who was supposed to film it. We filmed the audition, but she hadn’t gotten the footage to me by Tuesday of that week. I didn’t find out that the audio had malfunctioned until that Thursday. When I hadn’t heard on that Tuesday, I just filmed the audition again on the photo booth app on my computer. I Fed-Exed it off to Shakespeare Santa Cruz that afternoon.

I need a lucky star out there to make my dreams come true.


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