Happy Birthday to Me!

Hi all,

Today is my birthday, March 10. It’s also my grandpa’s birthday. I was his birthday present. Today, I went out to afternoon tea with my awesome friend. We had such a good time. Last night, I had dinner with my cousin and his wife at Modern Steak in Scottsdale. The food was so good and they gave me a birthday candle with my donuts. I am really broke right now, but the funds come from somewhere. This week is Spring Break and I am glad to have a break. I only have three more weeks and two days, one of which is a testing day. All I’ll say about it is that it’s been really stressful.

I will be auditioning for a web series about a radio show. I need to work on my audition pieces for the season auditions in May and June for the Equity theatres. I didn’t get into the improv troupe even though I felt great about my audition. I’m not sure that improv is my thing. I am not one of those people who always dreamed about being on Saturday Night Live. I dreamed of being in a Broadway musical.

A filmmaking colleage of mine, Charles Cartwright, is putting together a series of interviews and testimonials to convince Arizona lawmakers to pass the film incentives. He will be with his film company at the Harkins Cinemas in Tempe Marketplace from 2-5pm this Wednesday. I will be coming by to give a testimonial. Hollywood needs to come back to Arizona. Everyone here needs the jobs and it’s been a long time coming for me to get union work. Don’t even think about telling me why I shouldn’t be union.

Right now I’m going to try to relax.


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