Go With the Flow


Hi all,

It’s a crazy time in the Anna-verse. I am in the process of moving and it’s taking a while. The big auditions are starting to be announced and I’ve made my audition appointment for Phoenix Theatre and Childsplay. I will also be auditioning for the first time ever for a character company that performs at children’s parties. I need to come in character and sing a song.

This weekend I record my part for the feature film dub project. I will tell you about that once the entire thing is available. It’s a really prominent project. And the last performances of Guys and Dolls start tomorrow. It’s your last chance to get tickets.

I attended the Phoenix Film Festival and it was fantastic yet again. I did not see a single film that creeped me out. I went to see Jake Squared, which stars Elias Koteas as a man making a film about his life who has his past selves and former loves appear all at once to guide him on the way to finding true love. It was really unique in its format. After that, I saw Life Inside Out, which I also loved. The lead actress and her son wrote most of the music and starred in the film together. It really touched my heart and was true to life. I then went to see the IFP Film Challenge Finalists presentation and I got to see the short, Rigged, from my pals, Studio Gaijin, in which I was an extra. Last night, I had the privilege to see the film Belle, a period piece about a real-life young lady who overcame societal discrimination to find a life that makes her happy. That film will actually be appearing in select cities throughout the country.

I did my edits on La Famille and sent it to my producer acquaintance and my new buddy from Louisiana. I want the script to be as awesome as possible and get produced ASAP. I really want The Go-Girls to be produced too.



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