Anna No Jutsu

Hi all,

It’s time to update the blog.  The film premiere is set for Kameleon, the foreign film that I had the pleasure of dubbing with many other colleagues.  The premiere is set for Thursday, May 29, at 7pm at the Tempe Pollack Cinemas.  Ticket sales will benefit Sojourner Center, an organization that provides refuge and assistance for women and children escaping domestic violence.  The link is

I have been noticing that there is a group of other actors and myself involved with and auditioning for many of the same projects.  That is a very good feeling and it makes me feel that I’m doing well and have become a reliable talent.  Many film industry people say that being reliable is the number one trait they look for in talent.  I think that in some cases, they’re looking at a union card and major credits.  I remember that Bonnie Gillespie said that industry people who use union status as a barrier to hiring someone are making an excuse because they can pay the fee and Taft-Hartley you.  On that same note, the local AriZoni awards for theatre split their actor categories into Professional or Non-Professional (Amateur).  I really don’t appreciate that because not having some silly card doesn’t mean you’re not a professional.  You are not calling me an amateur under any circumstances.

I am just about finished with my round of auditions for the Equity theatres.  Since I’ve come to Phoenix, one of these theatres has closed down and the other was on hiatus.  I think that one has come back to stay.  I felt really good this year about how they went and I hope I have some good news for you soon.  I also auditioned for an award-winning dinner theatre and it looks promising.  That audition went really well.  Sometimes you can tell if you’ve made a real connection in an audition.  That is what you should always do, but the reality is you might just be showing them your shopping list.  What I mean by that is what one of my course tutors at Drama Studio London said.  He told us that we needed to focus on what is happening in our scene or monologue and on the other person.  We can’t let ourselves be distracted or be thinking about any personal issues or chores we need to do.  He said brilliantly that, “No one wants to see your Tesco (UK grocery store chain) shopping list.”  This means that when you think about something that is not in the scene, the audience or director can see it.

I have some project ideas, but there are always things to audition for.  I auditioned for a campaign for a mobile app in North Phoenix at one of the coolest offices I’ve ever seen.  I think the gig would be a lot of fun.  I am continuing to work on ideas for producing The Go-Girls, La Famille, putting together a charity concert, and how about a production of Songs for A New World?

I started acting with a drive for theatre, but have since gotten a number of paying smaller film and commercial projects.  I’m glad I’m open enough to go with it.  I didn’t think that film or Phoenix would open doors like this.  I am so glad to be part of the film community and to have their respect and trust.  Here comes the LA countdown.


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