First of May

Hi all,

I had a pretty productive weekend, at least my Saturday was full of awesomeness.  In the morning, I filmed a part in a short film for the Phoenix Comic Con Film Challenge and the top 10 entries are played at the Con itself.  I can’t give away any details, but you’ll love what malady I catch in the film.  Check it out at  Jason Isaacs, Ron Perlman, Christopher Lloyd, and Alyson Hannigan are among the guests.  You can still get passes, unlike that other Comic Con.  I tried to get passes to that one and missed when the online waiting room opened.  You had to enter during a small window for a chance to get a pass.  On the cosplay front, I don’t have any new costumes planned.

Back to the second part of Saturday.  I had my audition for Phoenix Theatre that afternoon.  I ran into an acquaintance of mine right before he went onstage in a one-man show at the theatre and my buddy from Once On This Island, the actress and musical composer.  I just told myself to do my absolute best and not let nerves get in my way.  I went in there, put positive mode on, and I got my Broadway on like never before.  I need to audition like that every time.  I will not jinx myself by talking about expectations, but I hope for great things.

I had an audition on Monday that was not Broadway fabulous.  All I needed to do was cold read for three roles, but I had a sinking feeling as I did each one.  I don’t feel that I gave it any life and that it was a mess.  I didn’t get cast, but would have had to miss Comic Con for rehearsals.  It only paid a stipend anyway.  I also found out that I did not get the audition for a well-paying commercial campaign.  They don’t usually tell you that they haven’t chosen you to audition or that you didn’t get the job in LA and other major markets; you generally get silence.  I should probably drop my usual litany of rejection, but I think you might be wondering if I got this or that.  All 12 of you.  (:0

I did get an interesting audition about 2 weeks ago.  A representative of a new on-line toy company based in Tempe contacted me about auditioning for their series of paid infomercials.  He found me through a submission file at the ASU Film School.  I went right after work.  I had to prepare the sides for all three characters in the infomercial.  I made it a point to have each character be unique and just went with it in the energetic style they were seeking.  The director had me sing, do accents, and ad lib a sales pitch for a toy.  I had such a great time.  I don’t usually have an audition be like a party at a friend’s house.  I’ll let you know what happens.


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